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New Vase Filler! Jelly-Decor/Water Pearls/Aqua Beads

Take a look at this new vase filler material, made from polymer. These water-absorbent beads swell up to about 3/4", and create a colorful, crystalline base filler for your branches or floral centerpieces! Blooms and Branches has the three most popular colors in stock, with more to come soon. Clear, green and blue.

Take the effect to another level: Add an LED light under the beads, and you have a dazzling display like no other!

Jelly-Decor sample colors
Color samples

Jelly-decor with LED light
LED light in bottom of vase

Incredible Grapewood Sale

Check out the amazing prices on sandblasted grapewood! Compare our prices, you won't find any lower than Blooms and Branches. All popular sizes, including 12" sandblasted grapewood, 18" sandblasted grapewood and even 24" sandblasted grapewood. Sale ends soon!


Yes! Free shipping on orders of 150.00 or more, today only EXTENDED TO FRIDAY! Use code FREESHIP at checkout to get free shipping at Save up to hundreds of dollars!

Remember, this is a one day promotion. Purchase before 12:00 midnight 7/15/11 to use this code.

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July Manzanita Branches – On Sale Now!

Our case of fifteen 18"-24" mananita branches is now on sale at $108.00! That's only $7.20 per branch, including shipping! You won't find a better deal.

Do not purchase "project" branches if you see these anywhere- these are low grade/seconds that are drop shipped sight unseen from another supplier, and with no packing material to protect your order from damage during shipping.

Our branches are hand selected for the best shape and fullness, and then brushed and color treated for a beautiful, smoother reddish-brown finish.

Our 24"-30" natural manzanita is also on sale at 15% our regular price, at $8.32. These are a full 30" tall, and are also brushed and color treated by hand for a beautiful finish.

Exlusive: New Glass Votive Design

Votive candle holders for Manzanita centerpiece branches come in various styles, sizes and colors, and there is now a new globe style available in both clear and frosted. Both look fantastic. The frosted style provides a softer glow with the ability to hide an LED flickering candle. It's practically impossible to tell the difference between the LED light and real candle! Both of these new styles are only available at

Clear Globe Votive

Frosted Globe Votive

Blooms and Branches on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

On April 18th, our branches were used for decoration on ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Epsidoe 822 featured The Hall Family, who were presented with a brand new home, custom built to accommodate Mr Hall's physical limitations. The natural red manzanita branches, shown in a photo from the episode below, were used in the master bathroom. Blooms and Branches is proud to be one of the many fantastic sponsors to assist with this project.

View the episode here

Purchase manzanita branches at Blooms and Branches

Manzanita Centerpiece Rentals

If you live in the Southern California area, you now have the option of renting gorgeous manzanita branches for your event. About 38" tall (average) and set in spacious 10" wooden bento style box, these trees are ready for you to decorate. And incredibly affordable! At only $20.00 per centerpiece, the price can't be beat for the sheer convenience. Pick them up and have a decorating party! Click here for more information and reservations.

Free Shipping at Blooms and Branches

On Sunday, Apri 3rd, Blooms and Branches is offering free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more. Cases of material that include shipping are restricted, however the entire catalog of every type of manzanita is included in the offer! This is a rare offer, take advantage while you can. Use code FREESHIP at checkout. Be sure to use all CAPS!

One of our customers, Silvia D., ordered our manzanita filler pieces and created these wonderful centerpieces for her wedding. The containers and flowers were hand-made from scratch! Just examples of what can be created with filler pieces...

How to Get Discounts at Blooms and Branches

Blooms and Branches usually has a discount of some kind running for manzanita branches. A current discount is $5.00 off purchases of $300.00 or more, and there is a coupon code worth 5% off on the website. If you can't find a coupon code, email them and ask for one!