Manz-ania! is the blog for Blooms and Branches, an Internet retailer of decorative branches and botanical products. We are the first name in Manzanita branches online, and it's our specialty. Our competitors consistently copy our product offerings, such as Wish Tree Kits, Centerpiece Kits, Manzanita Supplements and Manzanita Filler Pieces. The reason we are imitated is simple: we come up with innovative ideas to allow more choices in material, and make building your displays simpler and less expensive.   Our Manzanita branches are better. Seriously better. We instruct our harvesters to ONLY harvest and deliver branches that meet a specific shape and quality. Product not meeting our standards are rejected on the spot. Beware of "Project" Branches. This is a nice way for describing "narrower branches". These branches are consistent with our filler pieces. Be aware that these are not full, beautiful branches. The Lowest Shipping Rates for Manzanita of all Sizes We ship thousands of branches every week. This has allowed us to negotiate volume shipping rates with FedEx, and pass these savings on to you. Some of our competitors (bless their hearts) often try to cut prices and then gouge you on the shipping. We would rather offer our customers low prices all the way around and ship the greatest branches available. Beware of "Wholesale" Websites When you see a website that touts "Wholesale" wedding supplies, we urge you to compare your cost for product INCLUDING shipping. Our prices and FedEx shipping fees are always lower. Who Buys From Us Our branches are used for decor in some of the most incredible places, due to our consistent high quality and timely and reliable shipping. Our customers include Polo Ralph Lauren, Dooney and Bourke, La Quinta Inns and many other high profile businesses in the fashion and retail industry throughout the USA, Caribbean and Canada. Innovative Products Designed to Save Money and Time We understand that everyone is on a tight budget these days. Our innovative items such as Wish Tree Kits, Centerpiece Kits, Manzanita Supplements and Manzanita Filler Pieces were first offered by our company a few years ago as ways to create fuller centerpieces without purchasing lots of extra branches. We were the first to do this, and we continue to present new offerings throughout the year that save our customers money and time. We Also Offer Trees, Not Just Branches. We offer trees up to 96" for large applications such as alters, churches, hotel lobbies, movies sets and other public areas. These large pieces ship via freight service, and we have negotiated broker's rates to make obtaining these pieces much more reasonable, and usually within 4-5 days transit time within the USA. Coupons and Seasonal Sales We always have a sales or coupon code promotion going at any given time. Hint: Look at the top of all of our product pages, we usually have a sale or coupon code posted!