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Sparkle Manzanita Branches and other goodies for the holidays!

White, sparking manzanita branches are great for holiday events or decorating for the season! Snowy white willow branches, Mitsumata branches, or Kuwa branches in tall vases are also make for festive centerpieces. Add a warm glow with votive candle holders in red or blue! View white sparkle manzanita branches and more, by clicking here...

Holiday Magic: Lighted Sparkling Manzanita Centerpiece Kit

Now available at Blooms & Branches, this lighted sparkle Manzanita centerpiece kit is the perfect centerpiece for the holidays or Winter events. Includes shipping within the continental USA. The white, sparkly snowflake Manzanita branch is strung with two strings of color LED lights (your choice of red, blue or white) that can be set to flicker, blink, or constant glow! The branch sits in a clear glass cylinder vase, 12" tall x 3" in diameter. The vase is filled halfway with colorful glass gems (your choice of red, blue or clear). In the bottom of the vase, under the color glass gems, is a single LED light to give the gems a soft "glow"! The top section is filled with icy shredded iridescent film, which provides extra sparkle, and nicely hides your LED control buttons. Click here for details, pricing and a video demonstration.