Monthly Archives: October 2011

New Elegant Containers for Manzanita Branches

Two new styles of centerpiece containers are now available at Blooms and Branches. Both sizes create a very sophisticated look for a very low price per container. Perfect for either 18"-24" natural manzanita branches, or sandblasted manzanita branches.

Examples of the 13" rectangle and 9" square container::

Elegant White Manzanita Holiday Tree

Check out this elegant holiday tree in brilliant white, freight shipping included! This tree is a full 60" tall natural manzanita, hand picked for use as a holiday tree, which can be used again and again (Manzanita lasts indefinitely). These trees are absolutely stunning, and are one of the most unique holiday items available this season.

Update as of 11/9/2011: The Federal Government has announced the creation of a new "Christmas Tree Tax". Our manzanita holiday tree is not subject to this tax- avoid paying unnecessary taxes and buying fake foreign made trees. Buy Manzanita!

Available exclusively at Blooms and Branches. Click here for details and a larger image.

Manzanita Holiday Tree

New Centerpiece Vases, More Sizes

Blooms and Branches is now carrying 14 more sizes in glass cylinder vases! And there are more to be added soon. The added sizes provide more of a selection for the taller branches, such as Kuwa, Curly Willow and Birch. There are also a few more sizes for use with the popular Manzanita Branches for creating incredible manzanita branch centerpieces.

Click here to view the new glass vase selection at Blooms and Branches