Monthly Archives: July 2011

New Vase Filler! Jelly-Decor/Water Pearls/Aqua Beads

Take a look at this new vase filler material, made from polymer. These water-absorbent beads swell up to about 3/4", and create a colorful, crystalline base filler for your branches or floral centerpieces! Blooms and Branches has the three most popular colors in stock, with more to come soon. Clear, green and blue.

Take the effect to another level: Add an LED light under the beads, and you have a dazzling display like no other!

Jelly-Decor sample colors
Color samples

Jelly-decor with LED light
LED light in bottom of vase

Incredible Grapewood Sale

Check out the amazing prices on sandblasted grapewood! Compare our prices, you won't find any lower than Blooms and Branches. All popular sizes, including 12" sandblasted grapewood, 18" sandblasted grapewood and even 24" sandblasted grapewood. Sale ends soon!


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