Monthly Archives: May 2011

Exlusive: New Glass Votive Design

Votive candle holders for Manzanita centerpiece branches come in various styles, sizes and colors, and there is now a new globe style available in both clear and frosted. Both look fantastic. The frosted style provides a softer glow with the ability to hide an LED flickering candle. It's practically impossible to tell the difference between the LED light and real candle! Both of these new styles are only available at

Clear Globe Votive

Frosted Globe Votive

Blooms and Branches on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

On April 18th, our branches were used for decoration on ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Epsidoe 822 featured The Hall Family, who were presented with a brand new home, custom built to accommodate Mr Hall's physical limitations. The natural red manzanita branches, shown in a photo from the episode below, were used in the master bathroom. Blooms and Branches is proud to be one of the many fantastic sponsors to assist with this project.

View the episode here

Purchase manzanita branches at Blooms and Branches