Monthly Archives: March 2011

One of our customers, Silvia D., ordered our manzanita filler pieces and created these wonderful centerpieces for her wedding. The containers and flowers were hand-made from scratch! Just examples of what can be created with filler pieces...

How to Get Discounts at Blooms and Branches

Blooms and Branches usually has a discount of some kind running for manzanita branches. A current discount is $5.00 off purchases of $300.00 or more, and there is a coupon code worth 5% off on the website. If you can't find a coupon code, email them and ask for one!

Grapewood with Tillandsia

Here's an example of the new Tillandisa Air Plants, mounted on a piece of exotic grapewood. Air plants are easy to care for, and look great on Grapewood and Ghostwood, available at Blooms and Branches.