Monthly Archives: December 2010

New Showroom Hours – Saturdays added!

Due to the increasing demand for our products, we are now open 6 days a week and by appointment only. We want to make sure we have enough material available when arriving for order pick up. We are now re-opening on Saturdays for the upcoming Spring and Summer event season. To schedule your pick up time, please call the Blooms and Branches showroom at (909) -218-3525. See our website for details at

Manzanita Centerpiece Examples

Here are some photos of Manzanita centerpiece examples, using natural red manzanita. These are more vertical 18"-24" pieces than the really wide ones, just to illustrate how adding flowers and crystals will really fill out the display. Filler pieces at can be used to create this look, and with the discounted prices on filler pieces they are a great choice when creating a lot of centerpieces. The example on the left with the green orchids uses a small glass cube container filled with gel and glass beads mixed in. The orchids used in both examples are silk. The second example uses a ceramic vase, with the branch set in foam (never use plaster in ceramic or glass. It will shatter!). As usual, a hot glue gun is used to attach the flowers and crystals.

Tigerwood Branches (Tiger Wood)

Tigerwood (sometimes called Pioneer Wood) is a fantastic natural decorative branch that works perfectly with orchids. Painted white, it's also great for holiday arrangements. Check out Tigerwood at for details and pricing.

Sandblasted Manzanita Centerpiece Branches

Sandblasted Manzanita centerpieces branches are on sale at a huge discount at Blooms and Branches ( Prices for the 24"-30" are only $12.91, and a case of 10 (shipping included) is now only $169.00. The sale is on while supplies last!