Monthly Archives: July 2010

Summer Manzanita Colors

During Spring and Summer, a Manzanita tree will shed it's old bark. This process results in the reddish bark curling and peeling, revealing the new bark underneath that will turn it's usual brick-red to brown colors within a few weeks time. The new bark will vary from a light green, to chartreuse, yellow, yeddish yellow and orange, depending on what stage it's at in the process.

These colors can be very striking, and some florists will wait for this process to begin before ordering branches. For those that would rather have the brick-red/brown colors of the rest of the year, there is help to restore the color. The answer is floral paint, and specifically, a paint available at Michael's Crafts made by Design Master. The color is October Brown, and each can will easily cover about 12-15 branches if used sparingly. To use, be sure the brush any loose or flaking bark from the branches. To color the branches, hold the can at 10 inches away and use quick, short bursts, misting the branches to achieve the desired color. Don't overdo it! October Brown is nearly the exact color of Manzanita bark during the Winter season, and works perfectly to cover any other colors, and also blemishes from harvesting.