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Vases for Manzanita Branches

When creating branch centerpieces, It can be difficult finding a vase that fits manzanita branches and other types as well. Glass cylinder vases and cube vases are the best option for this, and the perfect sizes are now available and affordable at Click here for the selections.

How To Purchase Natural Branches

Branches or Containers: Which Comes First?

It's always recommended to purchase your branches first. Because of the individual characteristics of each piece, especially Manzanita, it's wise to purchase containers to fit the branches that you have. Some branches may be wider at the base than others, so containers may need to be wider or narrower to accommodate the natural inconsistency of Manzanita. Click here for instructions for a common method on standing your branches in a vase (one of several methods).

Characteristics of Natural Branches: Consistently Inconsistent!

Natural branches such as Manzanita and Curly Willow are unlike many other decorative branches used for floral design. Each one is an individual shape and sculpture, and may take on a variety of shapes and variations. This needs to be a first consideration when purchasing your branches. It's always best to purchase additional pieces, especially if you are ordering close to your event date. While availability is usually plentiful, shipping can take several days to your location.

If you are wondering what the Manzanita sizes mean (18"-24", for example) click here for a sizing chart. All branch sizes are approximate.

Designing Manzanita Branch Centerpieces

There are literally thousands of photos of Manzanita displays and centerpieces on the Internet, in addition to the ones on our website at Blooms and Branches. The most beautiful pieces photographed are nearly all created by professional florists. While creating centerpieces is not extremely difficult, it can be quite time consuming and does require creativity on the part of the purchaser. Blooms and Branches is a provider of raw materials, and does not provide design services or instruction. Be ready to be creative, and have fun!

Hanging Crystals, Attaching Flowers (real or artificial)

How many branches should you purchase if you are hanging crystals and attaching flowers? It depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Most branches fill up pretty quickly with few ornaments, but it's truly a matter of taste. The best answer is to start early creating your pieces (not a week before the event), in case you need extra pieces- and bettter yet, be sure to order additional pieces to save on shipping and time! Please note that Manzanita is the ultimate for hanging crystals and flowers, however Curly Willow is not suitable in most cases.

Product Photos

Each natural branch is an individual sculpture and may take on a variety of shapes and variations. Be aware that product photos of Manzanita and Curly Willow are of random pieces, and do not in any way represent the best pieces or the worst pieces available. They are are a fair and reasonable representation of the branches in general. The product photo that you see for each product is not the actual piece shipped.

Requesting Certain Types of Branches

The BloomsandBranches.comĀ  checkout system allows the purchaser to include Special Instructions during checkout. The box is aptly named "Special Instructions", and you can use this box to let them know the type or shape of branches you are looking for. While each piece is indeed unique, they will do their best to pick pieces that will best match your description or the intended usage.

Most of all, have fun creating your own centerpieces!