Monthly Archives: May 2010

Economical: Manzanita Filler Pieces

Create stunning centepieces using filler pieces! These are pieces that are suitable for combining with regular, full pieces or use 1 or two on thier own with flowers or other floral elemtns and a votive candle or two. This pack of 8 pieces get's you started and is a perfect addition when buying a case of 10 24"-30" natural manzanita or a case of 15 18"-24" natural manzanita to create wider, fuller displays. Shipping included! Take a look here for details.

Silver, Gold Manzanita Gaining in Popularity

Gold and Silver Manzanita is getting more popular by the week! These are hand-dipped (not spray-painted), and the coverage and finish are incredible! Take a look at the photos and very reasonable pricing at Blooms and Branches. Silver and Gold Manzanita Branches