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Decorative Branches

Manzanita is a great choice for events, however Birch can also be used in many wonderful ways! There are lots of sizes available, take a look here. If you are an event planner and are looking for bulk quantities of decorative branches, take a look here.

Creating a Base For Your Tree

Several of you have been asking how to create a base for your Manzanita wedding tree or Manzanita centerpieces. As promised in an earlier post, here are some step-by-step instructions with photos.  Materials are fairly inexpensive, however if you need to purchase bulk quantities, (25 to 60 tables for example), let us know and we'll put together the materials for you with a shipping quote. In the future, we plan to offer the basic supplies for sale on, and we may even put together a kit which includes branches! 🙂

Wedding Wish Tree

Here's a photo of a Manzanita Wish Tree, which takes the place of guest book. Beautiful alternative! Seating card trees and wish trees are simple to create! In this example, use two pieces of 18" natural manzanta that are wired together. The crystal beads can be found at a craft store and strung together using monofiliment. .
Manzanita Wish Tree

Manzanita Wish Tree

Welcome to Manz-ania!

Everyone is going crazy for Manzanita. Brides, event planners, decorators from all over the country- everyone has design ideas or is looking for ideas to create that perfect look with a natural tree or assortment of branches. Running an online decorative branch store, I get questions every day on design tips for crystal wedding trees and centerpieces made with Manzanita. If you have some experiences or photos you would like to share, please post them! If you need Manzanita for your event, take a look at this site: You can order individual pieces or entire cases, and the prices are the best. If you are an event coordinator or designer, take a look at, and submit your application for a dealer discount. Happy blogging! MM