Winter Manzanita Branches Are Best

Winter season Manzanita is by far the best of the year! The color of the bark is at it's richest. It's the best time to purchase for your branches for a Winter or Springtime event. Did you know that Manzanita branches LAST INDEFINITELY? We have several display pieces that are over 5 years old and still look the same as they day they were harvested! Just store them in a cool, dry place until ready to use. 🙂

Build Your Own Centerpieces

New at! Choose your branch color (Gold, White, Silver or Black), and match with  one of three containers (black, brown, or unpainted). We'll build them and ship them to you! Click here to see the possibilities:

Spring is here! Awesome quality Manzanita Branches are ready.

Spring is here and our harvests of Manzanita branches are looking incredible! And just in time for Spring events and weddings! Order early to avoid delays, looks like it will be a busy season. And despite the recent increase in shipping rates from all of the carriers, we have negotiated the lowest rates of any suppliers. Compare! If you can find product and shipping at a lower price, let us know! We'd like to beat it (but we doubt you will find lower prices).

Low shipping rates on Manzanita Branches

DID YOU KNOW? FedEx, UPS and USPS have all raised shipping rates. Reports state that the average rate increase is 4-6%. This is very untrue, as suppliers are seeing increases up to 50% per box! Luckily for Blooms & Branches customers, we have negotiated some incredible discounts with FedEx due to our shipping volume, and our rates are 30% to 60& LOWER than our competitors!! WOW! Just thought you'd like to know 🙂 We also have a sale going on! Check our current sale on manzanita branches here:  

Holiday Sale Continues On Manzanita Branches

Manzanita branches are still available at special holiday prices. Visit Blooms & Branches now before the sale ends! Manzanita branches are at the best this time of year, between the Spring through Summer peeling stage. Beautiful red bark, with a rich color and smooth finish. Visit

Sale: Manzanita branches, only $2.40 each!

Super cute Manzanita branches, 12" tall, natural color! These smaller branches are great for low profile centerpieces, such as the holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. Case of 50 pieces - save $73.27! Click here for details on these great manzanita branches at Blooms & Branches.

2014 Fall Sale on Manzanita Branches Begins Today

Just in time for Fall and Winter 2014 weddings! Natural and Sandblasted Manzanita branches, in all sizes are now available. See for the Fall sale prices, plus a discount code: TDYTMP.

Manzanita Branch Centerpieces With Sandblasted Base

Exclusively at Blooms & Branches,  our super cute set of 10 manzanita branches, with matched bases was a huge hit. So much so, that the grapewood bases are sold out and they have been replaced by sandblasted manzanita. These base look every bit as great as the grapewood bases, only they are sturdier and splitting is minimal compared to the grapewood. This adorable set includes 10 natural color (red) manzanita branches, matched with 10 sandblasted bases and includes shipping! Total height of each piece is approximately 24 inches. See them here: Manzanita branches and sandblasted centerpieces, set of ten.

New Containers for Manzanita Branches

New for Spring, Blooms & Branches  has some really nice new containers for manzanita branches. These new textures and color tones are super elegant, and will really make a statement at this year's Spring and Summer events!  Prices are from 7 to 9 dollars. First, we have these rustic looking bento-style boxes, great for 18"-24" branches:

Click the photo for more info

  Next, we have the same style bento box, but in an orange/rust color:

Click the photo for more info

Lastly, we have another rustic looking container, only taller! This  one is 7" tall and has a brushed matte finish:

Click the photo for more info


Winter Sale Now On For Manzanita Branches

The Winter sale is now on at Blooms & Branches (! Save up to 40% on the most popular sizes. Now is the time to buy your branches for your Winter and Spring events! Remember, you can purchase branches early as they will keep indefinitely.